Special Needs Assistance Fund

A project of the Multiples of Illinois

 Helping parents of twins and triplets meet the extraordinary financial challenge of raising a child with special needs.

Did you know…
the incidence of twin births in the United States is approximately 1 in 43, and 1 in 1,341 for triplets and higher order multiples?

Every year over 90,000 sets of twins and over 4,000 sets of triplets and higher order multiples are born in the United States. As the incidence of multiple births continues to rise, so too does the occurrence of health risks associated with twin and triplet gestation.

A multiple pregnancy is statistically more likely to cause complications, including low birth weight and premature delivery. The additional health concerns that often result from these risks can last a lifetime. Developmental delays, physical and mental limitations, and chronic health conditions can create long-term emotional and financial demands on families already handling the responsibility accompanying the joy of having twins, triplets, or more in the family.

Multiples of Illinois understands the high costs of raising a special needs child. Therapies, surgeries, special equipment and adapting a family home for a physically-challenged child can be extremely expensive. Unfortunately, not all expenses are covered by traditional health insurance or other benefit programs.

A couple from St. Charles, Illinois was informed by their insurance carrier that oral surgery for their four-year old son, to enable him to chew properly, was not a covered benefit. The cost to the family, already challenged with the expense of raising triplets, was $5,000.

A Bartlett, Illinois family, whose twin son’s prematurity caused cerebral palsy and blindness, has spent close to $500,000 for his medical care and equipment and he is only three years old.

A specialist recommended to the Elgin, Illinois parents of an autistic child that they pursue intensive therapy for their twin son. When insurance coverage was denied, the family had no choice but to fund the over $1,200 per month fees out of their own pocket.

Sadly, these are not isolated cases; and as insurance carriers tighten benefit coverage, more and more multiple birth families will be affected.

Multiples of Illinois created the Special Needs Assistance Fund, or S.N.A.F., to help multiple birth families with a special needs or chronically-ill child.

S.N.AF. provides financial assistance to Illinois families, regardless of club affiliation, when no other funding source for health care needs is available.

The S.N.A.F. application process includes documentation of denial of benefits as well as proof of the need for the service or product. A confidential review and selection process by Multiples of Illinois members chosen for their professional and personal expertise occurs quarterly. Payment on behalf of qualifying families is made directly to the health care provider or vendor to assure correct application of S.N.A.F. funds.

To make a financial contribution to help assist families with multiple birth children meet the extraordinary expenses associated with raising a special needs, chronically ill or catastrophically injured child or immediate family member, or to request information about how a family can qualify for S.N.A.F., please contact the S.N.A.F. Chairman: Jennifer Piske.