Helping Because We Care

YearProjectSponsoring Club
2021-2022The Dueck FamilyDouble Take
2020-2021The Owens FamilyMMORE
2019-2020The Nwagha FamilyDuPage Doubles
2018-2019The Hoffman FamilyWill County POMC
2017-2018Caring for Denise and DaughtersOne Plus One
2016-2017Helping Hands Helping the HomelessMultiple Choice
2015-2016The Mighty MorenosClusters
2014-2015Team Super DrewWill County MOTC
2013-2014The Stahl FamilyTri-Cities
2012-2013Caring for TylerClusters
2011-2012Karing for Kaitlyn & DanielleClusters
2010-2011The Cassin FamilyLake County MOTC
2009-2010The Kalie Kuhl FamilyMMORE
2008-2009Cancer ResearchIOMOTC
2007-2008Cancer ResearchIOMOTC
2006-2007Cancer ResearchIOMOTC
2005-2006Prigge/Gilliam FamiliesOne Plus One
2004-2005Illinois Make A Wish FoundationIOMOTC
2003-2004Child’s VoiceMultiple Choice
2002-2003TTTS FoundationClusters
2001-2002The Tschannen FamilyTri-Cities
1999-2001Little Angels Nursing HomeDouble Blessings
1998-1999The Wojcieckowski FamilyLake County
1996-1998Special Needs Assistance Fund (SNAF)IOMOTC
1995-1996American Lung AssociationTri-Cities MOTTC
1994-1995DuPage Easter SealsDouble Blessings
1993-1994Cystic Fibrosis FoundationTwice As Nice MOMS
1991-1993Love LettersDuPage Doubles
1990-1991Good Neighbor ProjectDouble Love
1989-1990Ronald McDonald HouseLake County
1988-1989Jaclyn Manrose FundDouble Dilemma
1987-1988Helm’s QuintupletsPeoria Area
1986-1987Leukemia Research FoundationOne Plus One
1985-1986DuPage Easter Seal Treatment CenterDuPage Doubles
1984-1985Children’s HavenTwincerely
1983-1984Wilmette Rehabilitation CenterTwice As Nice MOMS
1982-1983Rocvale Children’s HomeRockford Area
1981-1982Independence Park / Special OlympicsTwo Bits
1980-1981National Association for Downs SyndromeTwincerely
1979-1980East DuPage Special EducationDelightful Duets
1978-1979Elizabeth Keeler SchoolAurora MOTC
1977-1978Children’s Development CenterRockford Area
1976-1977Sunnyside School for the HandicappedGalesburg
1975-1976Wingate HomeDouble Dilemma
1973-1975Jeanine Schultz Memorial SchoolDelightful Duets
1972-1973St. Jude’s Children’s HospitalPeoria Area
1971-1972Lydia Children’s HomeTwincerely
1970-1971Crippled Children’s Treatment CenterDouble Dydee
1969-1970New Horizon SchoolDouble Dydee
1968-1969Chicago State HospitalTwo Bits
1967-1968Crippled Children’s CenterDouble Dydee
1966-1967Chicago State HospitalPeoria Area
1965-1966Lincoln State SchoolTwo Bits
1964-1965Jackson School for the BlindTwo Bits
1963-1964Dixon State SchoolSpringfield
1962-1963None (Organization founded)Unknown